Saturday, 15 November 2008

Another shoreleave at Chiba city 10th November 08

Its getting more colder in Japan, november started to freeze again... See what happen to my cabin's glass... wow~ its freezing outside, imagine we're wearing with 2 or 3 t-shirts & a jaket for working on the deck when arriving at the port. yeay~ shoreleave~ shoreleave again~ for the last time at Sodegaura port. For the next trip, Bubuk ship heading to different port, Futsu port maybe... I'll keep updating again soon...
yhum2~ Ampuan Amirul is sushing... hehehe
aha~ Sotong ball. Absolutely... delicious... simple ingredients... great taste... hingga menjilat jari2 kaki... hahaha yhum2~ sia2pun eh~
Time 18.30 (Japan time) & 05.30pm (Brunei time), & its already dark... time to have a rest heading back to our ship just on the right side. On the left, is our neighbour Malaysian ship, Puteri Nilam.

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